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  Quick note
Posted by: Patton - 03-31-2020, 11:09 PM - Forum: Main - Replies (6)

Quick note -- hope everyone is well in this crisis. 

I plan on keeping this forum up -- because, why not? Maybe one day things will happen and we'll be back together.

Until then, take care out there.


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  Happy 5,000 day anniversary xF
Posted by: Patton - 09-18-2018, 11:16 PM - Forum: Main - Replies (1)

Crazy stuff. Hard to think back, but xF was actually -NF- before xF was even thought of. 

We played CS 1.6 for the most part. DarkSlayer and Rupture were with me along with a bunch of other folks. I'd say this was 2003?

-NF- = No Fear
xF |:. = Xero Fire

In 2005 we decided that NF was too popular of a tag, along with "No Fear"... so, to better distance ourselves from the ever popular NF - we came up with xF for Xero Fire. 

About 12 days in from the founding of xF, we registered XFCLAN.COM.
Jan 21, 2005.

xF became a CSS clan. CSS released a few months prior, and we were all happy to hop into this new, updated graphics game. I think I even had to buy a new video card on my 533 Mhz machine.

I've always been on the server/tech side of things, and one day DarkSlayer gave me a call and said that he wants to get into CSS Zombiemod servers... A few hours later, we had a CSS Zombiemod server up with 24 slots.

Within days that Zombiemod server was 24/24, 24 hours a day. We sold reserved slots, admin, and accepted donations. That server became 32 slots. It was 32/32 instantly upon restart. I remember having to login to console to kick a random player just so that I could get in. As soon as random player was kicked, someone else would take that slot. It was madness.

We added 3 more 32 slot Zombiemod servers. I even added one of those to the EU region. Full. All day. All night. This was in a matter of a couple of months after opening the initial Zombiemod server. We were ecstatic.

Throughout that time we grew xF. Tick Tock Man was a regular, along with NewName, Warhawk, KG4WXW, Brian(who was just born?), Motoman, xBabyx, Sha Sha, DieHard, Gizere, Demon Slayer, Sand -- and so many others that I cannot remember. A few of these folks are still around.

2007 came around with OrangeBox. OrangeBox killed all of our server mods. It was devastating. I think xF sort of died here.


A year goes by, and TickTockMan started the xF Revival. I think they even wore xFR - Revival tags. I hopped in, we restarted xF and xfclan.com.

Zombiemod had fixes for OrangeBox, and I think we fooled around with that for a while. Then we got into Hosties. Hosties was fun, and TickTockMan had a lot of fun with the mods for that game. Maybe too much fun? We had a very popular CSS Hosties server.

This past decade, xF has been dead. Half to my mismanagement, half to the economy. Lot of folks had a change of lifestyle during the economic downturn, and had to change their priorities. I noticed a lot of folks not signed on to Steam anymore during this time. Was sad. My mismanagement was due to my job taking me around the world. I had no time.

The Uprising

Well, here we are again in 2018. TickTockMan sent me a random text about Gin and something about restarting xF. Oddly enough, I have been wanting to do something with xF. Why the hell not?

A few legacy xF folks have popped their heads into there to say hello. I appreciate that. Come play? If you are legacy, please feel free to wear our tag.
A lot of folks have come over from DGN... I cannot wait to game with you guys. Thanks for joining us in this adventure.

On the server side, I wanted to do this relaunch right. Initially I wanted to throw our servers into the "Cloud", which would enable one-click scalability. Didn't work out performance wise.
We're running a powerful node with SSDs in Texas. Our FastDL server is on a CDN. This means fast downloads, worldwide, of server content.

Please be sure to check the server list: https://xfclan.com/showthread.php?tid=12

Thanks for joining us in 2018. I hope to meet a lot of new faces, and most of all, kill you in game.

Here's to another 5,000 days.

xF |:. Patton

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Posted by: Patton - 03-05-2017, 07:02 PM - Forum: Main - Replies (17)

Let's do this.

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