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Pub Server
A standard 24 player pub server with rotating map selections and the players get to vote which map comes next.

A simple list of maps:
pl_beerbowl_rc1 (I know you drunks will like this one)

Admins would have basic abilities like kick, slay, ban, mute, gag, silence, and what ever else. One that would come in handy would be the ability to change the map themselves, but I would think that would be a permission that may be assigned to certain staff. Pub servers don't need much in terms of commands and plugins, it's what kind of rules must be instated and enforced to have it run smoothly. 

Obvious rules: No hacking, No griefing, No breaking the maps, Don't be an asshole and a douche, Respect others, and Blame everything on civord.

Suggested rules:
No trading: The pub server is meant for playing TF2, if you want to trade go to our trading server.
No advertising: People are not allowed to advertise their groups, servers, and third-party sites along with no posting links in chat(This also apples to the 'No trading' rule).
No friendlies: Again, this is a server meant for playing the game. If you want to be friendly or not be killed, go to the trading server.
No spamming mic/chat: This one if pretty self explanatory.

If anyone has any suggestions on maps, rules, plugins, admin perms, or anything else, leave a reply below.

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